Explore the benefits of MySenwes, the secure online portal that provides customers with easy access to their Senwes accounts, information, and services. Sign up now and take control of your farming operation.

Access MySenwes

Access MySenwes

MySenwes is powered by OneAgri and requires your cellphone number to login. You can see a list of the applications which are now available in the new version of MySenwes, below.



A breakdown of the apps within each application will display when you choose one you would like to access
Statements & Invoices

Get account insights view and download your monthly statements, see transactions and balances per account and download invoices


Get an overview of all your loans with Senwes and their respective balances and download your loan agreements in various formats

Grain Deliveries

View your latest grain deliveries to a specific silo, the commodity type, weight information and the truck registration doing the delivery

Grain Stock Report

View the stock levels of your grain that is currently still available in the silo, broken down per silo

Grain Truck Report

View your dispatch load information such as the to and from destination and gross weight of the truck load

Grain Contracts

View your grain contracts, the total weight contracted and total delivered as well as the total outstanding on each contract

Grain Transaction Info

View all your grain stock transactions on your account in one convenient place

Delivery Notifications

Add users to be notified when a delivery has been made on a specific account

Picking List Report

View all your active instructions for grain dispatches

Delegated Access

Allows you to manage who can access what part of your account

Help Guide

A how to guide used to step-by-step guide you through the MySenwes registration process

Access Basislink

Basislink is an online platform that offers all registered buyers the opportunity to access - in a transparent manner, all the grain sold by Senwes. This information is offered by commodity on a physical and pre-season basis at all registered silos within the Senwes service area.

Slot Booking | Coming Soon

We are in the process of developing grain delivery slot booking for suppliers at Senwes Grainlink Silos as well as the ability to submit your own documentation for the process of vendor registration.

Shareholder Information

Shareholders are the principle providers of equity and therefore the owners of the company. Senwes aims to generate sound returns for our shareholders, through sustainable capital growth and sound dividend yields.

Senwes Trading Info

View the latest share price info, trading updates, director transactions and historic share price data. Alternatively, access your personal shares data.

Senwes MyShares
Agribel Trading Info

View the latest share price info, trading updates, director transactions and historic share price data. Alternatively, access your personal shares data.

Agribel MyShares

Access ACS Rewards

Hinterland Fuels and ACS Credit (Senwes Credit) has joined forces to enable a value-adding initiative for account customers and staff. This comprises an automated system which will reward fuel customers for purchases made from Hinterland Fuels filling stations, by offering a rebate. In effect this means that a sliding scale is applied to a customer’s monthly purchases and a certain discount is then triggered and credited to the customer’s account.

ACS Rewards

Access Hinterland Fuels

Registering your account(s) for Hinterland Fuels allows you to make fuel purchases using your account client number at all Hinterland Fuels filling stations. The purchase will be activated when presenting your driver's license to the fuel attendant who will validate the account on the handsfree scanning device.

Manage your Hinterland PIN

A Hinterland account access PIN allows you to make account purchases at selected branches using a 4-digit PIN. This is to protect clients and to ensure only authorised people may purchase on a specific account.

Manage my PIN