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Senwes Grainlink specialises in the handling and storage of grain and oilseeds and are positioned between the producer and the off-taker. With a well-established infrastructure in both summer and winter grain cultivation areas, Senwes Grainlink provides a range of efficient services to producers and grain buyers.

These services include grain procurement, grain transportation, the fast and efficient intake and shipment of grain, grain marketing and electronic silo certificates. With a high level of operational readiness, we aim to unlock value to customers, while ensuring business efficiency through the implementation of state-of-the-art technology and good maintenance practices.

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What we offer

We understand the importance of grain producers having access to the latest grain market prices and market information. Our team of experts provides interpretation of grain prices, market information and news to help you make informed decisions. We offer different contract types, including our innovative Grainovation contract, to ensure flexibility in marketing your grain. Our procurement officers are readily available and can be contacted through the details below to assist with any enquiries.

Traders and off-takers can rely on our market intelligence team for up-to-date grain market prices, interpretation of grain prices, market information and news.

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Tariffs, Agreements and Conditions

The following options, tariffs, agreements and conditions are applicable to grain silo users:

2023/24 Summer Grain: Storage and Handling Tariffs

2023/24 Winter Grain: Storage and Handling Tariffs


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Grain Procurement

At Senwes Grainlink, we understand that grain procurement is a crucial part of a producer's marketing strategy. We offer a range of physical and pre-season grain contracts that are designed to meet the producer's cash flow needs, while taking seasonal trends into account. Our objective as an established market leader in this field is to continuously improve and introduce new features and contract opportunities to our clients.

Our range of contract options includes the following price transactions:
  • Spot price transactions with fast payment;
  • fixed price transactions;
  • minimum price transactions;
  • minimum/maximum price transactions;
  • advanced payment transactions;
  • weighted average price transactions;
  • delayed price transactions;
  • farm-loading transactions;
  • base price transactions;
  • put transactions;
  • call transactions

With these options, producers can choose the best contract that suits their specific needs.

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Silo Industry

Senwes Grainlink prides itself on the well-equipped facilities in our silo operations, designed for accelerated grain intake, cleaning and shipment of grain. Our robust infrastructure is strategically located to ensure convenient access for producers, streamlining the process from farm to silo.

Services rendered:
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    With a total storage capacity of 6,5 million tonnes, Senwes Grainlink's silo infrastructure is among the best in the country, facilitating efficient intake, handling and safe storage of various grains and oilseeds. Our network processes approximately 25% of South Africa's summer and winter grain harvests. All our operational silos are registered with SAFEX and are HACCP-accredited to ensure the highest standards in food safety. To learn more, please contact your nearest silo manager.

  • 02

    We offer aeration and drying services at select silos at competitive rates, providing an added convenience to producers looking to effectively manage their grain moisture content. For more information, please reach out to your nearest silo manager or grain procurer.

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    Quality Management

    Our knowledgeable and experienced staff members are dedicated to ensuring the highest possible quality of grain, from cleaning and conditioning to insect control. We believe in delivering the best possible products and services to our customers, and our commitment to quality management bears testament to this. To learn more, please contact your nearest silo manager.

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    Senwes Grainlink assists clients in the efficient dispatching of grain, ensuring a smooth and effective shipment process. Grainovation is available to provide logistics solutions. For more details, please visit the Grain Transport division.

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Market Access

Senwes Market Access is housed within the Grainlink division, offering comprehensive marketing and procurement solutions to both grain producers and buyers.

Our market access team works closely with the Grainlink silo operations team and Grainovation to provide tailored solutions to our clients throughout the entire grain value chain, from the farm to the mill.

In addition, we keep you informed about the weather conditions and provide silo contact details and locations, as well as handling and storage rates at various silos. You can also expect daily and weekly market information, including import and export data, SAGIS-updates, and our Senwes weekly market information recap.


Basislink is an online platform that provides registered buyers with transparent access to all grain sold by Senwes. This information is offered per commodity on a physical and pre-season basis at all registered silos within the Senwes service area.

As a grain owner, you can benefit from our Basislink platform, which provides transparent access to the market for selling your grain on a spot or forward basis, or even a year storage option. This platform caters to various soft commodities including maize, oilseeds, and wheat. Additionally, our direct procurement process with farmers offers market-related premiums.

How does Basislink work?

To access the system, buyers must first register on MySenwes and apply for a Basislink buyer number. Once the registration process is complete, customers can view premiums at the relevant silos where they wish to buy grain via the internet at their convenience. All Basislink users can view what other buyers in the market are willing to pay for grain without exposing other interested buyers. This allows buyers to adjust their premiums depending on the demand for grain at the relevant silo.

The Basislink platform is active from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 12:00.

Access Basislink

Silo Certificates

Senwes Grainlink provides a fast, secure and cost-efficient platform for managing silo certificates. This system ensures that once an electronic certificate is issued, it is automatically and instantly written into an industry-wide online register, from which owners can manage their individual certificates in a manner similar to internet banking.

ESC also offers a telephonic trading facility for grain owners without internet access. Registration for this service is free and can be applied for on the ESC-website. The confidentiality and management of the system are guaranteed, offering complete assurance to users.

For more information on this service, please visit, send an email to [email protected], or call 0860 372 372.


Grain Transport

Senwes handles the transport of all commodities through its affiliate known as Grainovation. Grainovation is an asset-light logistics broker, focused on optimising logistics across the Senwes Group. The company offer logistics solutions by road and rail to the Senwes Group of companies, producers, millers and processors to deliver an end-to-end service within the agricultural value chain.

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