Return on Loyalty


AgriRewards is a deferred bonus scheme in terms of which Senwes annually allocates a portion of its profits to customers to reward them for their loyal business with Senwes during the year. The bonus is paid in the form of cash in the year in which the allocation expires.

Rewards for the 2024/25 Financial Year
The transactions that will qualify for the 2025 financial year are as follows:
  • Agri Credit Solutions

    Interest-bearing transactions: 0,35% of the average interest-bearing debt. Senwes Grainlink

  • Senwes Grainlink

    Senwes silo deliveries: R50/ton

    Grain per ton procured: R5 per ton

  • Senwes Equipment

    New whole good equipment purchases (3%) and purchases of parts (3%).

  • Certisure Group

    Premiums from asset insurance (0,5%), credit life insurance (0,5%) and crop insurance (0,5%).If clients do business with all three the insurance segments, an additional 0.5% per insurance segment is awarded, which will increase the total benefit to 3% of premiums.

  • Hinterland Holdings

    1% of store purchases, 1.5% of store purchases and 0.5% of retail maize

Senwes introduced the Level System where loyal customers who do business with a combination of the participating businesses earn additional bonuses.

Closing Date?

Registration for the 2024/2025 financial year bonus closes on 31 March 2025.

How does AgriRewards work?

Any person who is registered for the AgriRewards scheme and who does business with any of the qualifying businesses will qualify for the deferred bonus.

  • 01

    Participation is not automatic, and customers have to specifically register to participate in the scheme. Once a customer registers for the scheme, he/she will automatically remain registered for successive years and does not have to reregister, unless the customer chooses to deregister.

  • 02

    The deferred bonus of each customer is determined annually based on the extent of business done with Senwes during the year. The bonus is paid in cash in the year in which the allocation expires. The bonus for which customers qualify, is communicated after the end of the Senwes financial year.

  • 03

    The bonus is subject to specific rules, as announced for the year concerned. These rules in respect of qualifying business are determined and announced by the board of Senwes. The bonus is allocated per entity or individual and is not transferable to other legal persons.

Note: The benefit of the scheme is that the customer will receive a year-on-year allocation if he conducts business annually with Senwes. In this manner the pool of bonuses will also grow year on year. Although the bonuses are not payable immediately, the bonus allocations can be used at current value as security at Agri Credit Solutions.

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How does the Level System work?

AgriRewards members who do business with a combination of the participating businesses in the Senwes Group earn additional bonuses. The more business, the more benefits. The Level system is based on the tons delivered at Senwes’ Grainlink silos:

The levels are as follows:
  • Level 1 - 2 500 to 4 999 tons
  • Level 2 - 5 000 to 9 999 tons
  • Level 3 - 10 000 to 19 999 tons
  • Level 4 - 20 000 to 39 999 tons
  • Level 5 – More than 40 000 tons
In order to qualify, remember:
  • 70% of the ton delivered must be sold to Senwes,
  • R80 per ton must be spent on purchases from Senwes Equipment,
  • R10 per ton must be spent on insurance with Certisure, and
  • R667 per ton must be spent on purchases from Hinterland branches.

A kick-in minimum of 75% will apply.

Additional bonuses per level:
  • Level 1 - R10 per ton additional
  • Level 2 - R20 per ton additional
  • Level 3 - R30 per ton additional
  • Level 4 - R40 per ton additional of which R5 will be paid out in cash in 2025
  • Level 5 - R50 per ton additional of which R10 will be paid out in cash in 2025
Short Term Benefit 1
Discount on purchases of new vehicles

AgriRewards offers short-term benefits for registered customers in the form of discounts on the purchase of new vehicles. Senwes, in collaboration with suppliers, offers this discount on almost all the top brand names in the industry (namely Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Isuzu, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen etc.). Registered customers also have the option to trade in their current vehicles.

The following steps can be followed to make use of this benefit:
  1. Contact the AgriRewards team on 066 474 8888.
  2. Provide us with a complete description of the vehicle you are looking for (make, model, petrol/diesel, manual/automatic, engine size etc.).
  3. Provide details of all extras you require.
  4. Provide us with the following contact details:
    • Name and surname
    • Farm name
    • Email address and phone number
    • Senwes client number
  5. The AgriRewards team will then request quotes from suppliers and negotiate discounts.
  6. These quotes will then be sent to you for consideration.
  7. If you want to accept the quotation, we will put you in contact with the supplier to handle the transaction further.
If you wish to exchange your current vehicle, the following additional steps must be followed:
  1. Send the following details of the vehicle you want to exchange by email to [email protected] or by WhatsApp to 066 474 8888.
    • Complete description of the vehicle (make, model, petrol/diesel, manual/automatic, engine size etc).
    • Kilometre reading
    • Email address and phone number
    • Photos (interior, exterior and licence disk)
  2. The AgriRewards team will send the above information to different dealers, receive offers and forward the best prices to you.

For more information regarding these offers, SMS the key word CAR to 31022 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Short Term Benefit 2
SS Wealth Planning professional services

SS Wealth Planning is a newfound wealth planning service that not only aims to create wealth, but also to ensure long-term financial advice for clients and Senwes employees.

The group represents a dynamic agreement between Senwes and S-BRO Financial Services (led by Dr Stefan Strydom), of which each party is an equal shareholder.

A gap in the market has been identified for clients with unique and complex financial needs and therefore the SS Wealth team specialises in customised solutions.

SS Wealth provides the following professional services:
  • Estate planning
  • Consultation on and drafting of wills and trusts
  • Company structuring
  • Tax planning
  • Wealth management
  • Extensive secretarial services
  • BEE solutions
  • Pension funds
  • Employee benefits

For more information about these professional services, contact

Nadia Swanepoel

Senior Advisor: Business Engineering


Have you heard about the new AgriRewards Plus?

AgriRewards Plus is a community-based programme where AgriRewards members can automatically contribute to their specific communities through certain business conducted within the Senwes Group.