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Hinterland Fuels is a well-established fuel supplier, operating in the North West, Free State, Gauteng and Northern Cape provinces and focuses on supplying fuel at competitive prices.

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Hinterland Fuels goes beyond being a fuel supplier by offering exclusive benefits to their customers through collaborations and convenient account options. With the Hinterland Fuel Rewards Programme, in partnership with Agri Credit Solutions (ACS), customers can enjoy monthly fuel discounts credited to their nominated ACS accounts. Hinterland Fuels also understands the importance of financial flexibility and offers monthly accounts, through ACS, for a diverse range of purchases.

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Fuel Rewards

In addition to their fuel supply, Hinterland Fuels has collaborated with Agri Credit Solutions (ACS) to create the Hinterland Fuel Rewards Programme. This programme gives back to their valued customers by offering monthly fuel discounts that are credited to the customer's nominated ACS account. By registering for this programme, customers can earn discounts on every litre of petrol or diesel purchased at all participating Hinterland Fuels filling stations.

Through this collaboration, Hinterland Fuels is committed to supporting their customers during tough economic times and reinforcing their dedication to providing high-quality services and products. So, if you are looking for a reliable and affordable fuel supplier, look no further than Hinterland Fuels.

Monthly Account

You can purchase a diverse range of items through your monthly account at Hinterland or any retail network affiliated with the Senwes Group. The account balances become payable 30 days after date of statement. Monthly accounts are interest-free until the payment due date, making it easier for you to manage your finances.

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  • Diesel 50ppm
  • Unleaded 93
  • Unleaded 95